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A growing information technology company providing software based efficiencies in the retail supply chain at the enterprise level.


Robust and flexible feedback management capabilities to extend the functionality of their workforce scheduling platform without a long development effort or high cost.


Integration of LogicDepot's feedback management systems. Within four weeks a seamless interface for Synergy customers and synchronization with their data warehouse was in place.


Synergy's customers can now access world class data collection functionality and the real time data it provides. Deployment to tens of thousands of projects in locations nationwide takes just a click.

Synergy Systems Inc. Case Study

Expanding a Management Platform to include a Flexible Feedback Collection Tool.

After a two period year period of getting their schedule management platform ready for the retail industry, David Connell, CTO of Synergy Systems found that many of their clients needed a flexible method of collecting feedback. Mr. Connell searched for a vendor to build this addition to their management platform. Other vendors they contacted indicated at least a seven-month development period and required duplicating a major portion of functionality Synergy already had working!

LogicDepot, with some quick systems analysis, existing APIs and web services, and a few custom modifications, integrated their feedback management platform in four weeks.

The combined Synergy/LogicDepot system could now support many large retail organizations, not just supermarkets, but big box stores like Target. This created a huge growth in market share potential.


Integration Partners


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Integration Partners

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It’s been a collaborative effort, LogicDepot trained us in how to use their software, and were a great support in getting our courses linked to PayPal.