Integration Partners

You have a successful product in the market that will benefit from solid feedback management. We can integrate our proven technologies directly in to your offering, saving you time and expense in development and support.


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When your feedback management requirements go beyond a simple tool or project, we can integrate our system into yours!


LogicDepot's years of experience in feedback management systems and projects positions us to easily integrate our platform into your systems. Many times its makes more sense to partner to gain powerful and complex capabilities rather than get involved in the development efforts and costs plus the ongoing support costs that follow.


LogicDepot has integrated our systems with call centers, CRM systems, and retail schedule management systems, to name a few examples. Anytime you need serious feedback management and data collection without the hassles, we can come up with a plan and pricing arrangement to suit your needs. Contact us today  for a complementary evaluation!

Integration Partners

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Integration Partners

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What our clients say:

Itís been a collaborative effort, LogicDepot trained us in how to use their software, and were a great support in getting our courses linked to PayPal.