Automated Price Quote Generation

We can configure a system for your company that provides customized price quotes and specific markting information.


Automated Price Quotes: Highlights


If you provide over the phone quotes on the feasibility of use or price of a product or service, we create an intelligent form that captures detailed information, assists in preparing a quote, and returns a customized email with their quote details and in depth explanations of your product or process.

You get a persistent, professional message and the information safely in a database for tracking subsequent activity. Bonus 1: integrate with an after hours contact center and turn their agents into your experts! Bonus 2: just put the link on your web site and let customer provide the information your reps need to respond quickly and accurately! Also, combine with other processes to create a customer feedback system and/or DRIP marketing campaign!


What our clients say:

Within weeks, our system was sending us 5 times as many leads, just by switching from an email based request to an intelligent form!