Cloud Computing

From our start in 1999, we've been developing dynamic applications tightly integrated with databases. This means we were developing Web 2.0 systems before Web 2.0 was defined!


Cloud Computing: Highlights

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a business model we've embraced from the start.





Cloud computing is pretty much an extension of the SaaS offering with emphasis on instant or near instant increased capacity availability. This way the client can depend on availability, even under heavy load, during increased demand. All this without additional planning, personnel, or hardware.

Our servers reside in a SAS (Statement on Auditing Standards) 70 Type I audited facility located in a geologically stable area (Scottsdale, Arizona) to ensure the most reliable operation and maximum up time for our clients.

Six Cloud Computing Benefits :

- Lower Costs
- Capital Expense Free Computing
- Deploy Projects Faster
- Scale as Needed
- Lower Maintenance Costs
- Resiliency and Redundancy

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What our clients say:

LogicDepot’s data-collection platforms are all muscle, no fat.