An environmental consulting firm focused on providing integrated, cost-effective environmental management strategies.


Cost effective way to leverage a bank of existing training courses into revenue streams using web-based technology and ecommerce.


LogicDepot’s IntelliDollars service to customize, host, and monetize our training courses.


Courses created with customized, serialized certificates deployable via the web with ecommerce integrated. Aegis can now create additional products on their own!

Aegis Environmental, Inc. Case Study

Data-Driven Product Development: Turning Intellectual Capital into a Revenue Stream

How can a consulting company turn its intellectual capital into products that it can sell online?

Getting the right help, from a partner with the ability to understand what the desired result is and that can build a framework to get that result, is key. An environmental management consulting firm with an extensive training library, developed to support their clientsí ongoing environmental compliance mandates, asked LogicDepot to help them develop online training services.

Moving from Surveys to Paid Online Training Delivery

LogicDepot’s survey software had already helped the company deliver targeted newsletter content to its customers. With the continuing rise of on-demand online training, the company saw an opportunity: they wanted to explore the idea of turning some of their compliance-related course material into an e-commerce revenue stream. The challenge was to build a system that was flexible and low-cost enough to let them test-market their products without having to make a huge investment of time and money.

“We didn’t need a semi truck, we wanted a Humvee,” says a VP at the environmental consulting firm. “Given our experience with LogicDepot, we felt that they could build us what we needed.”

Proving the Power of Collaborative Development and Support

The online training program is still in development, after launching the first two courses in September 2009. “It’s been a collaborative effort,” the firm’s VP says. “LogicDepot trained us in how to use their software, and were a great support in getting our courses linked to PayPal.” The company worked on converting its training library to a web-friendly format, with LogicDepot providing the delivery framework and e-commerce tools.

“Support is the first word that comes to mind when I think of LogicDepot,” says the VP. The firm sees the development of the online training courses to be a support to its current clients, with the potential of becoming an additional revenue stream. It also believes that the online training will attract attention from prospective clients, offering a way to test-drive the company’s services. “LogicDepot had the ability to understand what we wanted to accomplish, and built us a framework to help us get there.”


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What our clients say:

We didn’t need a semi truck, we wanted a Humvee, Given our experience with LogicDepot, we felt that they could build us what we needed.