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LogicDepot announces a new service designed to assist you in identifying and preparing valuable intellectual capital for distribution via the internet.


Most any engagements where you work through a series of questions to provide an assessment that identifies strong or weak areas or suggests an action for a client can be automated. We use our proven feedback management tools to quickly develop and host it. We then design the output customized to provide a quality, branded report for your client.


Add a ecommerce component, an existing online catalog or simply a PayPal account and you’ve got a way to leverage the internet to sell and distribute valuable content on a large scale with very low fulfillment costs! All you do is market, we handle fulfillment.


So what can this mean for you? Granted, not all businesses can adapt or fit directly into this business model. Any business that creates any personalized information or intellectual property output can use this model. Consultants of all types (management, financial, process, etc.) always have a variety of assessment processes that assist in the discovery and evaluation processes. We can help you recognize those opportunities that would work on the Internet, taking advantage of Internet exposure, our robust fulfillment system, and easy payment handling. Tests, Assessments, Custom Calculators, and Training are but a few examples of intellectual capital companies have created to serve their customers. Now, companies are taking these products online to leverage the Internet and create online revenue streams.


To get it right, you need an experienced partner with solid tools and a track record for stable hosting and ecommerce successes! LogicDepot provide's that platform with our Feedback Management, tools, custom configurations.

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What our clients say:

We didn’t need a semi truck, we wanted a Humvee, Given our experience with LogicDepot, we felt that they could build us what we needed.