LogicDepot Feedback

Our web based, highly configurable feedback management platform puts you in control. Create, test, and deploy feedback based products to enhance your day to day data collection needs whether for internal use or reselling as a primary market research provider.


LogicDepot Feedback: Highlights

LogicDepot provides a robust set of web based feedback management tools using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We are continuously improving these tools to make them intuitive to use, as well as better for feedback management. In addition, LogicDepot provides continuous training and support to assist organizations of all types build and deploy surveys, assessments, CRM integration, and calculators. Built originally for the rigorous requirements of the market research industry, our feedback management software is now used by government agencies, non-profits, web development providers, and other organizations that need secure, easy to use web based communication and data collection for their studies, projects, and web sites.

Professional Grade Feedback Management Tools and Training:

Market Research


Web Development


Other Organizations

(HR / IT / CRM )

What our clients say:

It was critical to have this functionality in this market, and LogicDepot gave it to us. They anticipated our needs, and delivered exactly what we needed.